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Edible Oil & Fat - Bread Fats & Margarines
Product Name:  MASTER FAT
Product Code:  1122
Description:  High viscosity water-in-oil emulsified vegetable fat.
Function:  Specially prepared fat for use in bread and other yeasts goods to improve keeping quality and texture. The consistency is adjusted to cope with seasonal variation. Soft, pliable fat that will easily mix through the dough using conventional or high speed mixers
Bread 1 2%
Hamburgers buns or soft rolls 4 6%
Sweet buns or dumplings 6 10%
Ingredient Listing: 
Water, Vegetable Fats (Palm Based) (Hydrogenated), Sugar, Permitted Emulsifier (E475).
Carton 20 kg.
Shelf Life & Storage: 
Keep well at ambient (30 5 C) and dry condition in its original packing away from direct sunlight and heat for at least 9 months
Nutrition Information (per 100g): 
Energy - kCal 359
Energy - kJ 1500
Protein- g 0
Fat - Total g 40.7
Fat - Saturated g 28.6
Carbohydrate - Total g 1.9
Carbohydrate - Sugar g 1.9
Sodium - mg 0
Soy Products
Typical Analysis: 
Total Plate Count < 10000 cfu / g
Yeast & Moulds < 100 cfu / g
Colifroms < 100 cfu / g
All ingredients and GMO or other ingredients statement for this product comply with the Malaysian Food Regulations and are subject to change. Customer exporting this product or finished items made from this product, should check the regulations of the importing country.
The consumer product nutritional health claim may only be used if the advised recipe and process have been applied. This advice is given to the best of our knowledge. BAKELS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from using the claim.
Product manufactured on plant that handles cereal containing gluten, soy, milk, egg, nut and seed products
SANDWICH BREAD (R1122001/2011)
SOFT BUN (R1936009/2011)